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Stratford, Ontario photographer Mindy GoughFamed photographer Ansel Adams once said, "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it."  
I believe this, and am thrilled that God blessed me with eyes that can see beauty and a heart that loves to record it with my camera. Glowing natural light, lush natural settings and gentle, natural expressions are what I strive for in every portrait I make.
My love affair with portrait photography began when my mom and dad gave me a Kodak Instamatic camera for my eighth birthday. 
I pressed my bed sheets into service as backdrops, and my faithful dog Sam became my first subject.  Later, my sister Melaney spent many hours in front of my lens. Their patience gave me my first successes as a photographer, and I'm forever grateful.
Heeding my parents’ sensible advice to find a proper career, I headed off to university to study Social Work and Thanatology – the study of death, dying and the grieving process.

Since then I have been privileged to help many grieving people regain their joy in life, and this work has informed my photographs. I see beauty where others sometimes see none. I understand the need to take time – sometimes lots of it – to grow a comfortable relationship with a portrait subject.

Over the years, I have deeply enjoyed photographing children, families and adults. Connecting with people, sharing moments of fun and laughter, and creating a lovely photographic record of those moments – these things give me my greatest delight.  And when, as sometimes happens, one of my subjects sheds tears because she suddenly sees herself as beautiful – well, that's a reward like no other.

Next to my four beloved kids, my high-school sweetheart-turned-husband, and my family and friends, there is no greater joy in my life than making beautiful, touching portraits that will live on in families in generations to come.
Please call me today.  I’d love to capture your family’s special magic.
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