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Preparing for your private ordering consultation
 I believe in business policies that are fair and reasonable for my clients and for me. Please familiarize yourself with this page and my rates page, so that you’ll understand your invoice and won’t be surprised by any part of the ordering process.
When is payment due?
Sitting fees are payable prior to the portrait session. Prints, collages and canvas prints are payable at the time of ordering.
What happens during an ordering consultation?
I will spend approximately one to two hours showing you the images from our session together and helping you choose only the best for display in your home. To make the most of our time together, please use the following tips:
  1. Be sure that all decision-makers are present at the ordering appointment.
  2. Look around your home and imagine your portraits on the walls. Prepare a list of what you hope to purchase for yourself (ie. 8x10’s of the kids for the hallway, a 16x20 canvas of the whole family to be a focal point in the living room, etc.)
  3. Keep in mind that ordering appointments are b-o-r-i-n-g for kids – if you can find a helper to keep them occupied, it will be easier for you to focus on ordering exactly what you want.
  4. Please be prepared to make your order at the completion of our ordering consultation. If you’re really having trouble deciding, we can set up an additional ordering appointment at a rate of $15 per half hour.
  5.  I will keep your images on file for at least one year. You are welcome to make subsequent orders at current print prices. If you know the image numbers, you are welcome to order by email.
  6. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, depending upon the size and complexity of your order.
  7. Rush delivery may or may not be available depending upon lab hours, weather, and other factors, and rush orders will incur a fee of $85. Please leave ample time to order gifts. 
How can payment be made?
I am pleased to accept your personal cheques. Please note that there is a $25 fee for any cheque returned due to insufficient funds, so if you need to post-date just let me know. All taxes are included. E-transfers are also accepted.
A word or two about digital negatives . . .
One of the questions people frequently ask me is, “Do you sell the files?” The quick answer is no, and here’s why.
Imagine if you were to commission a portrait of yourself from a painter. Would you say, “Please – just sketch an outline and I’ll fill in the rest myself”? Of course you wouldn’t.
When you ask me to create a beautiful portrait of you, you are commissioning a piece of artwork that I hope will be special to you and your family for many years to come. I lovingly create that art from the initial vision, through the skilful application of retouching and design work, to the finished high-quality archival print or canvas.
I spend much time finding and developing relationships with suppliers of high-end photographic materials. My professional lab provides archival materials, excellence in colour management, and a variety of specialized papers and products. No consumer photo shop can even come close to the calibre of work that I expect from my lab.
My income is earned through my creativity and photographic skill. I have spent many years learning these skills, and invested many dollars in specialized equipment.  Together, these investments allow me to provide you with a high quality portrait. By ensuring my images are only ever printed to the highest standard, I protect your portrait and the integrity of my work.
But what about sharing my portraits on Facebook?
I love Facebook too, and I know what a thrill it is to share beautiful images online. That’s why I include, at no extra charge, a web-only file with each image you order. You are welcome to share this file with family and friends, through whatever social media you choose.